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Attendance at school is compulsory, five days a week. Apart from the legal requirements for attendance, it is important that students gain continuity in their education in order to move ahead as they should

It is possible that due to an unsatisfactory record of attendance a student is not meeting course outcomes this could affect a student's eligibility to receive the School Certificate or Higher School Certificate. It may also affect social security and/or Centrelink entitlements. It is, therefore, important that students cultivate habits of good attendance right from the start.

The school recognises, however, that for a variety of sound reasons - such as illness, dental appointments, family emergencies etc - that students may not be able to attend on every day of school. In such cases, an exemption from school is granted and recorded in the rolls. Please read the following paragraphs closely.

If a student is away for any reason and you have not contacted the school, you will receive a text message advising you of your child's absence. A written explanation is still required.

Unexplained student absence is reported on school reports.


If an absence is anticipated, then a note should be produced before the absence and presented to reception for approval. This could occur, for example, when a medical appointment has been made. Any extended leave of absence, including overseas travel must have prior approval from the Principal.

If your child is absent through illness or any other unforeseen reason, then a note should be produced on the first day back to school and presented to the roll teacher.

If a student is absent from school, without prior warning having been given, for three days or more, a note will be sent home asking for an explanation of the absence. In cases when parents know that an illness or injury will prevent attendance for three or more days, it is advisable to phone the school office. This will prevent a note being sent home. If a student returns to school after an absence, up to a week is allowed for the presentation of an absence note before a letter is sent home.

In cases when a student will be absent representing the school, state or country at sport or in any other Department of Education organised activities such as music or debating, then the student will be marked as officially present at school.


It is essential that students attend every class in a day. Teachers mark rolls every period and will inform the Deputy Principal if a student is absent from class without approval. Unauthorised absence is treated as a discipline issue will result in sanctions such as afternoon detention. Parents are informed of such breaches.


Students arriving late to school must:

  • Report to reception immediately on arrival at school and swipe into the attendance system using their ID card.
  • Students will take the lateness receipt and report to the class teacher for that period.
  • The tear-off section must be completed by parents and returned to reception or their Roll Call teacher the following day. 
  • Parents will be notified in writing of students who have more than five days late per term.
  • Students who are late several times without written explanation will be placed on detention.


If a student needs to leave school early, the following procedure applies:

  • Before school, students must swipe their anticipated departure time into the attendance system using their ID card and attach their doctor's appointment card, letter from parent or other evidence to the early departure receipt issued.
  • Leave it in the box on the counter.
  • At recess students need to return to reception and pickup their early departure pass.
  • If your early departure pass has not been issued, please see the Deputy Principal.
  • Your note must contain a valid reason for leaving school early.