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Student Leadership

Why do we believe in student leadership at Baulkham Hills High School?

  1. Student leadership is driven by service to others which is a value highly respected in our whole school community.
  2. Student leaders need to promote the good things, the things that are the most worthwhile and the most true within the community and nurture a better quality of civilisation for all students.
  3. Students are empowered by working together to achieve a common goal, a shared purpose.
  4. Students have the power, or the authority to make a difference in their schools.
  5. Leadership is a challenge and should be for all students, not just those elected into specific positions. This is difficult, but at Baulkham Hills we provide every opportunity for students to take a leadership role.
  6. Adult mentors, role models, people who have the capacity to listen, to help students explore ideas, to share their experiences, to facilitate processes and to provide feedback form the backbone of a successful leadership program.

The Prefect Body

The Prefect body are a group of students elected by the Year 12 cohort and staff that play an integral role in the running of school functions and represent the school in the wider community.

The Prefects are a visible force within the school, acting as positive role models for the younger students.  The Prefects aid in the coordination of the annual Presentation Night and organise assesmblies and the school's ANZAC day services. Furthermore they also attend the Dawn Service at Castle Hill. Each year the Prefects raise in excess of $2000 for Parramatta Legacy. The Prefect body works closely with the school's SRC to coordinate large fundraising efforts and school projects.

Projects that have been completed and are underway include:

  • Christmas week:  Complete with a Santa photo booth and card delivery service, this even encouraged school spirit as well as that of the festive season.
  • Bandaged Bear Day:  Together with the hacky sack competition our fundraising efforts raised over $500 for Westmeads Children's Hospital.
  • Prefect Afternoon Tea:  Other prefects from the Sydney Metropolitan schools were invited to spend an afternoon at Baulko to meet each other and share our experiences as school leaders.  This provided a great opportunity to build rapport and strengthen our communication with other schools to improve the quality of student leadership in all our schools.
  • Shades4Aids:  This was a fundraising effort to help eradicate the spread of HIV/AIDS in children in Cambodia.  Students at Baulkham Hills wore their sunglasses for a day with a donation to help support this cause.  In total we raised $585.
  •  AAA Day:  Acceptance, Awareness and Anti-discrimination.  This day was aimed at raising awareness against all types of discrimination, and provided valuable information on mental illness and gay and lesbian rights by two lawyers.  Students had the choice to be 'silent' after lunch to empathise with those who are 'silenced' by discrimination.  An acceptance banner was available for students to hand print or sign as a symbol of their support against discrimination.
  • Baulko's 40th Anniversary:  The prefects were involved in brick fundraising, conducting school tours and managing activities for young children on the day.
  • Tri Sports competition: In 2011 the prefects in conjunction with the prefects from Girraween and James Ruse High School organised a tri sports competition. This invloved basketball, touch and soccer being played at the three schools. It was a very successful event and well organised. A Large percentage of the Baulkham Hills students spectated at the basketball games at our school. Of couse Baulkham Hills won the competition.
  • Volunteering: The prefects have also volunteered their time after school hours at the soup kitchen in Parramatta. This is something the current prefects have also adopted.

Within the wider community the Prefects are enthusiastic about their involvement with the local retirement village where they are able to aid in functions and form friendships with residents.  The Prefects are an active leadership body and strive to lead by positive example.

School Captains 2010


Student Representative Council

The SRC (Student Representative Council) is comprised of 42 students from Years 8 - 12 and from the Support Unit, all elected by their peers. The SRC is a group of committed students who make essential decisions in order to benefit their fellow students, teachers and members of the school community. It is an opportunity for student leadership, under the guidance of Miss Kennedy, which allows students to set an agenda and make a difference within and beyond the school community.

Shave for a cure assesmbly2

Baulko SRC have already completed:

The Valentine's Day rose service - It has become a Baulko tradition that every year the SRC provides a courier service for people to send and receive roses. This tradition was embraced once again in 2010. Singing Telegrams were also available, and the day was a great success.

The Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave -, Baulkham Hills had a record 5 girls shaving their heads in the group, perhaps inspired in part by Tara Shenoy's efforts the year before. Needless to say, an enormous amount of money was raised. All volunteer's are to be thanked and congratulated for their brave decision and money-raising efforts. This event was achieved with thanks to Scape Hair Design in Rouse Hill and other hairdressers for donating their time and talent to the day.

Continuing from last year's inaugural Easter Day, the day included the selling of hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and the running of the ever-popular Colouring In competition. The SRC received many amazing designs from a large number of participants. In total, the event exemplified Baulko's school and Easter spirit.

Into the Future:

As the year progresses, the SRC will take an active role in many other school events. These include:

  • Streetball and Futsal  -  These two competitions, street basketball and indoor soccer respectively, get a large turn-out every year in terms of both teams and crowds. The competitions are run by the Year 10 members of the SRC. The event aims to promote participation in sport and engagement between junior and senior students, as well as teachers. This year promises to be as exciting and competitive as ever.
  • District SRC  -  Throughout the year, the SRC will continue to engage with schools in our district. They convey current ideas and events of BHHS, as well as hearing the success stories of other school SRCs for the purpose of sharing ideas and concepts to the benefit of the school.

Hardworking and approachable, SRC members work to benefit the school and wider community through the support of staff members, the P&C, students and charity organisations.

Student Leadership Opportunities:

The Student Representative Council at Baulkham Hills is an active body who coordinate a range of whole school activities ranging from charity work to participation in school governance. Five of the students also hold a place in the prefect body of the school. The two groups work closely to provide an outstanding leadership service to the school community. They model exemplary practice in all aspects of school life to the student body.

Some particular examples of leadership initiatives include

Students at Baulkham Hills presented at the BOS Respect and Responsibility Forum where they discussed some of the ways in which the SRC and prefect body provide service to the local community. They also demonstrated the work they do with students from the support unit in developing their reading and comprehension skills through a peer reading program.

The SRC also provides leadership at all whole school events including year assemblies and the weekly assembly where they coordinate and conduct these events including operation of all sound, lighting and other equipment. In order to ensure a quality presentation the students work cooperatively with each other and with staff. They are outstanding role models for the student body.