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Sport is a very important part of the culture of Baulkham Hills High School and participation is strongly encouraged at all levels. The school has a fine record in interschool sport, primarily because of the large scale of student involvement.

Years 7 do not participate in School Sport on Wednesday afternoons. Their sport is incorporated into the timetable and taught by the Physical Education staff. They will join the rest of the school in Sport when they reach Year 8, at which time they will be able to join grade teams and participate in recreational sports. They are permitted to try out for junior knockout teams as well as any junior zone teams and participate in school carnivals.

A variety of knockout sporting teams are formed each year and are advertised to students at assemblies and in daily notices.

All students are provided with the opportunity to enter the school carnival in swimming (February), Cross Country (March/April) and Athletics (May/June). Successful students participate in the school team in these sports and advance to the zone carnivals. Talented students may then participate in the regional carnival and even to the state carnival. Some students have made it all the way to national events.

pike throw long jump long jump

School sports carnivals are organised along house lines, with students allocated to one of four houses: Meehan, Macdougall, Suttor and Hughes. These are named after four pioneers of the Baulkham Hills Area.


Named after landowner J. T. Hughes, whose property was close to Castle Hill shopping centre.


Named after James Meehan (1724-1826), an ex-convict who became Deputy Surveyor-General in the colony. He surveyed many roads, including Windsor Road, which passes by the front of the school.


Named after George Suttor, who was granted 186 acres which he called "Chelsea Farm" (at the bottom of the Windsor Road hill near Roxborough Park Road). He then became a successful orchardist in the district and had a large orange orchard.


Named after Andrew Macdougall (1766 - 1824), a native of County Roxburgh in Scotland. He was granted 150 acres when he arrived in the colony and named the property "Roxburgh Place". It is likely that he was responsible for the name "Baulkham Hills" (after Bucholm in Scotland).


Grade Sport is divided into Summer and Winter sports with three (3) competitions per year, two Summer and one Winter. Typically, Year 8 students are heavily represented in 15B teams (age 15 years and under).

Zone Sport

Hills Zone Combined High School Sports Association

Sport for Year 7

As part of the Year 7 PDHPE program students have 2 double periods of practical work throughout the week. (Not on Wednesday afternoon as the rest of the school is engaged in zone sport). The philosophy of having two double periods is to promote fitness and lifetime skills in physical activity. Students will spend approximately six lessons in a variety of activities. The aim of this is to promote a love of physical activity and develop skills and the ability to confidently pursue a lifetime of purposeful recreation.

Activities will vary from class to class and can include most of the following activities:

Softball, Gymnastics, Sphairee, Soccer, Touch, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, AFL, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Hockey, Indoor Hockey and Lifesaving.

Year 7 also uses the fitness laboratory to understand the correct use of resistance training weight machines, bicycle and rowing ergometers and the right use of the running treadmill.