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The school has maintained a successful band program for many years and is fortunate to have 3 talented and enthusiastic conductors. A separate sheet, "Band Program Information, 2010" is available to supplement the material briefly outlined here.



The Beginner Band caters for students who have not previously played a musical instrument or who would like to take up a band instrument. Members are required to have their own musical tuition with a private tutor. The band  rehearses on Wednesday mornings at 7.20 am.

Junior Band caters for students who have a good working knowledge of their instrument. Students who have played in the Beginner Band or who have experience in primary school bands progress to this Band. The band performs at school and outside functions and participates in the NSW Band Festival. The Band meets on Thursday mornings at 7.20 am.

Senior Band caters for students who have a high degree of skill with their instrument. Progression to this Band is by audition from the Junior Band. Age is not a determining factor. The Band meets on Friday mornings at 7.20 am.

Stage Band is an ensemble which performs a jazz-based repertoire. It is designed for students with a high degree of musical expertise and membership is by invitation. The band meets on Wednesday mornings at 7.20 am.

Concert Band is for the most experienced players. This band competes at various eisteddfords, festivals and championships. Progression is via audition. The band meets on Monday mornings at 7.20 am.

Orchestral Band Orchestra caters for string instruments as well as experienced woodwind and brass players. Repertoire includes a variety of classical and modern orchestral works. The orchestra perform at school, community and competition events. Entry is via audition. The ensemble meets on Tuesday morning at 7.20 am.


Students interested in joining a Band should see Miss Hann in the Music Staffroom or email the band committee at bhhsbandcom@gmail.com


The school's Army Cadet Unit formed in 2000 and parades every Thursday afternoon. The Commonwealth Government and the Department of Defence, together with the Principal and the Department of Education, undertake to train members of the Unit in military custom, navigation, communication, drill, bushcraft and all aspects of army life. Membership is open to both male and female students. All uniforms and equipment are supplied. The fee of $60 per year primarily covers ongoing expenses. Members of the Unit wear their Cadet uniform to school on Thursday. The Cadets focus on leadership and team-building within a school and military environment. Year 7 students are permitted to join if they turn 12 1/2 in the calendar year. The school liaison officer is Mr Naren Vasram.

Chess Club

The Chess Club has been established to give students the opportunity to represent the school in the NSW Junior Chess League Competition, which is held after school on Fridays during Terms 2 and 3. The number of teams entered depends on the assistance given by parents to transport teams to venues. Coaching is organised at various levels - these sessions are normally organised after school on Wednesday afternoons. These sessions are conducted by professional coaches and costs will be indicated in Term 1.

Teams are entered by the school in several weekend competitions conducted by the NSWJCL.

In terms 3 and 4 the Baulkham Hills High School Chess Championship is conducted and is open to all students at the school.

Cost: Joining the club is free. Coaching costs depend on the size of the group wanting to be coached, but average about $5 per half hour session. The Club is run by Mr Salter in the Library.


Each year students enter 10 different academic competitions conducted by a number of organisations. It is mandatory for our students in Years 7 to 10 to enter competitions run by UNSW in English and Mathematics. Computing Studies, Science, Business Studies, Economics, Geography and Chemistry are some of the other competitions students may enter. These are usually organised by the teachers of the particular subjects and are notified via the Intranet and through classes.

Creative and Performing Arts Evening

Creating and Performing Arts Evening is held in the school Library towards the end of Term 2 each year. English teacher, Ms Louise Wakeling, a published poet herself, coordinates this evening which highlights individual and group performances from students in Years 7 through to 12. Music, drama, dance and poetry performances are showcased each year. The evening is further enriched by published poets reading their own works.

Inclusion in the program is open to the whole school. Rehearsal is held during lunchtimes leading up to the event.


Students who are interested in a variety of dance styles are encouraged to work on pieces for entry into the Metropolitan West Dance Festival held in June at the Hills Centre. Announcements will be made at Assembly. Interested students should see Ms Sue Chapman.

kung fu dance

Debating and Public Speaking

Baulkham Hills High School provides opportunities for junior and senior debaters and public speakers. We also have history debating for Year 10 and Year 11 students.

In the junior school, students audition and are selected on merit to form the Year 7 and 8 teams. Debating teams and other interested students participate in debating workshops run by the Performing Arts Unit at Parramatta District Office.


Drama is an integral part of the English Syllabus at Baulkham Hills High School. Students may pursue their interest in Drama through selecting elective Drama for study in the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate. Individual and group performances are developed through workshop activities.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme is an integral part of the school Merit System. Students must be 14 years of age to join and generally commence the Award in Year 9. A parent information evening is held for Year 9 in Term 1. The award is coordinated by Ms Keely Simpson.

Please click here to see information about Duke of Edinurgh at BHHS

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Mathematics Challenge and Enrichment

Both of these programs are run through the Australian Mathematics Trust. The Maths Challenge consists of students in years 7 to 10 being presented with six problems to solve in a three week period (during April and May). The Maths Enrichment program consists of a structured series of problems with a course notebook to work through over a 12 week period (between April and September). Entry into the Maths Enrichment program is by invitation only and is based on student performance in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Music Evenings

Music performances are organised by the Music department and other faculties. These occasions showcase the many talented musicians at the school, and allow them to gain valuable experiences as soloists, to work collaboratively in small groups or in one of the many official school bands. Music events include Music Night (end of Term 2), the Christmas concert, the Creative Arts Festival and Presentation Evening. Major school and community functions are also often complemented by student performances. Music evenings are coordinated by Ms Bridget Hann


Runfit is an opportunity for students from all years who want to get fit, to run as an activity. Runfit program is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings commencing at 7.30 am. Students will run for approximately 40 minutes, leaving them enough time to shower and change before class. The activity increases as Carnivals approach. Runfit is not directly supervised by a teacher and a permission note must be given to Mr Humphreys before a student participates.

Scrabble Club

There is no cost to join and the group meets once per week. Mrs Caron Nelson, of the English staff, coordinates this activity.

Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is a non-denominational, student-run Christian group which meets every Friday at lunchtime in B16. It is supervised by Mrs Lois Corfield of the Mathematics staff. Students discuss issues and hear from guest speakers. There is no cost to belong. Meetings average 80 students from all years.

Tournament of Minds

The Tournament is a team exercise involving groups of 7 students, at least 2 of whom must be from Year 7. The rest may come from Years 8 to 10, with no more than 4 from any other year.

The competition has a focus on creative problem solving and is organised into three possible categories: Language/Literature; Maths/Engineering and Social Sciences. The organisation of the competition stresses teamwork, creativity and ingenuity. Much preparation time for teams takes place in school, while later stages of the competition will take place at Macquarie University at weekends.

Variety Night

The annual Variety Night allows talented musicians, singers, dancers, actors and comedians a chance to perform for parents and friends. It is usual to have 200 student performers for an audience of up to 1000. There will be plenty of advance notice given to students of Variety Night.

Writing/Poetry/Video/Essay competitions

The English faculty fosters student performance in poetry, video, essay and short story writing through participation in a variety of local, state and national competitions. Entry is advertised through class teachers and on the student Intranet. Baulkham Hills High School has been successful in many of these competitions both junior and senior students have been recognised in a variety of competitions this year.

Some other activities and contact people

Choir - Ms Sleight

Mock Trial - Mr Dumas